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    Micro-Segmentation for Critical Applications and Workloads

    The Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper (MSG) enables agentless deployment of micro-segmentation and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).  Designed to provide instant Zero Trust onboarding for workloads that cannot deploy a zLink agent, such as manufacturing equipment, critical infrastructure, and IoT devices, the MSG provides security filtering right at the workload, and allowing those workloads to onboard to the Zentera CoIP Access Platform.

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    Agentless Zero Trust Policy Enforcement for Brownfield Deployments

    The MSG's simple deployment model allows security to be inserted directly in front of workloads for minimal disruption to existing operations.  Once in place, the MSG immediately begins providing threat detection and prevention benefits. Administrators can then configure policies that govern who can access what – all without ripping up or reconfiguring the network.

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    Instant, Secure Remote Access, Direct to the Point of Use

    By integrating Zentera Secure Access ZTNA, the MSG enables enterprises can grant authorized users and applications privileged access directly to critical assets and resources based on role and context – all without installing any software.

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    Powering remote access from anywhere

    Security Without Sacrificing Availability

    Available with optional independent hardware bypass on each port pair, the MSG can be configured to fail open, ensuring continuous access to critical assets and resources, even if the MSG loses power.


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