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    From contractors to collaborators, 3rd party access is a critical business enabler

    Businesses of all kinds are dependent on 3rd parties

    Your company engages in a complex exchange of goods, services, capital, ideas, and personal with its business ecosystem – customers, partners, and vendors, to name a few. And in the course of business, it's often necessary to provide those ecosystem participants with access to certain of your company resources. Examples include:

    • Customers, who may need to collaborate with you on specifications for a next-gen product
    • Partners, who need to share data with you to ensure success of a project
    • Vendors, who provide contracting or need to service equipment that they provide to you

    In today's era of hybrid work, many of these 3rd parties simply can't come on-site to work with you – secure remote access is essential to enable these business processes.

    You don't control security on 3rd party devices

    Access across company boundaries creates major security challenges

    It is relatively straightforward to build compliance controls for assets and resources that are fully under your control, but requirements for 3rd party collaboration throw a monkey wrench into the works. Corporate IT no longer owns the devices or remote networks that 3rd party users are connecting from. These devices may not even be managed at all. Yet, the business requires that you find a way to let those users in, safely, while meeting your corporate security requirements.

    Some companies are able to grant VPN access to 3rd parties, after a lengthy security and compliance vetting process and legal indemnification. To circumvent these concerns, other companies choose to address this challenge by onboarding 3rd party users as contractors and issuing them a company laptop that has the corporate security controls built-in. But this just ends up creating new problems:

    • 3rd party users may access machines outside the scope of their authorization, expanding security risks
    • 3rd party users cannot simultaneously access both their corporate VPN and yours, reducing productivity
    • Company laptops are expensive, and the hassles of procuring one and managing its return can be a drag on profitability and business agility

    Secure access from 3rd party environments or BYOD devices

    ZTNA enables you to grant 3rd parties with least-privilege access and Zero Trust controls

    With Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) provided by CoIP® Platform, you can give authenticated and authorized 3rd party users access to specific corporate resources and applications without giving away network access.  CoIP Platform uses your identity provider, giving you simple control over offboarding users. You can even specify the access method to enable only approved clients, thereby reducing security risks from devices not under your direct control to an acceptable level that allows you to avoid the hassle of managing corporate laptops.

    Security and compliance analyses are significantly streamlined, as no network level connection is made between companies. 

    And CoIP Platform's patented overlay technology enables your 3rd party users to access your corporate applications, even when they are on their own corporate VPN.

    Strong Zero Trust Security
    CoIP Platform ZTNA integrates with your identity provider for full authentication and authorization of every 3rd party access
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    3rd party and BYOD devices
    CoIP ZTNA enables you to safely grant access from unmanaged devices by restricting the access method and the actions the user can trigger on the access target
    Patented Zero Trust overlay
    3rd party users are able to access resources and applications, even when connected to their own corporate VPN
    Streamlined compliance
    Better security reduces concerns about giving 3rd parties access to your network, improving business agility

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