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    Zero Trust Overlay

    CoIP Platform supports enterprises to build a cybersecurity mesh across remote infrastructure environments without having to stitch together distributed network edges for implementing network security.

    CoIP Platform authenticates applications, workloads, users, and services that are deployed across distributed network silos, and securely connects them using a Zero Trust overlay. With security functions inserted along the path, such as L4-7 firewalls, micro-segmentation and cloaking provided by Application Chambers and powerful application identity-based access provided by ZTNA, enterprises can lock down cloud and on-premises servers with consistent policy controls everywhere.

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    Base Trust on Identity and Behavior, Not Network Topology

    CoIP Platform enables customers to upgrade application connectivity to Zero Trust. CoIP Platform replaces conventional trust based on IP address and blacklisted ports and protocol with server and application identity-based authentication and whitelist policy controls that comprehend the behavior or network accesses.


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    Bring Your Own Security into the Cloud

    Satisfy the cloud service provider shared responsibility requirement by deploying a Zero Trust application network in the cloud. You own and maintain the encryption keys. Secure tunnels start and end inside the guest OS, protecting data in transit against snooping, even at the hypervisor level.

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    Be Agnostic to Your Legacy Infrastructure

    Upgrading firewalls and routers for Zero Trust can require heavy lifting, and may require standardizing on a specific vendor. CoIP Zero Trust Security  is a completely software-based overlay, and will work in any legacy infrastructure with any combination of vendors.

    With CoIP Zero Trust overlay technology, enterprises are able to instantly deploy Zero Trust Security to protect distributed users and applications, regardless of where they are.

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    Zero Trust Overlay Key Capabilities

    Zero Touch Deployment
    Connect applications without connecting networks for rapid setup and easy maintenance
    Mutual Authentication
    Certificate-based mutual authentication to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks
    End-to-End Encryption
    Protect application communications with tunnels that start and end in the OS
    Overlay Routing
    Decouple your security policies from your network with an overlay that hides physical IP addresses

    How It Works

    CoIP Platform authenticates users, endpoints, and applications, using corporate identity providers, certificates, and other device/app fingerprints.

    When a user or application requests access, CoIP Platform checks policy, sets up a CoIP AppLink tunnel for authorized connections if required, and inserts required security functions  inline, such as firewall and threat detection/prevention.

     CoIP Platform supports nearly any cloud environment, bare metal, or IoT device with agent-based, agentless, and gatekeeper deployment options, and deploys in existing environments without requiring network and security infrastructure changes.

    CoIP Platform provides administrators with complete visibility into user, endpoint, and application end-to-end behavior.  It provides a rich source of data and intelligence for XDR analytics, as well as control over the cyber kill chain for response and remediation.

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