The Problem with the VPN? It's a VPN

The VPN has been the workhorse of remote connectivity for decades. Part of that staying power owes to the fact that, unlike many other technologies, it delivers exactly what it promises: a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

But that's not good enough to meet the security needs of today's complex networks. Giving remote users or hosts network-level access makes it trivial for anyone holding valid credentials to launch a cyberattack. And it's nearly impossible to targeted access policies at the firewall, where access sessions across the entire company are mixed together.

Businesses need better security, that can deliver tighter access policies. That's where ZTNA comes in.

Cloud computing and remote work

Zero Trust Network Access: Secure Access to Anything, Anywhere 

CoIP Platform implements a powerful Zero Trust Network Access solution, that enables remote users and applications to connect directly to specific applications and resources inside the company without a VPN or sharing network access.

Policies grant authorized users and applications direct access to assets, based on role and context, with end-to-end policy enforcement.

Combined with Application Chambers, enterprises have a powerful solution to control how remote users connect, and what they can do once they land in the enterprise.


Strong Zero Trust Security to Identify Users, Endpoints, and Applications 

CoIP Platform works with your existing identity provider (IdP) to leverage a single source of truth and consistent multi-factor authentication.

Endpoints and applications are then identified with hardware and OS identifiers, filesystem information, certificate data, and geolocation to build a complete picture of who is using which hardware and software to access your systems.

CoIP Platform's policy engine allows you to use these trust factors to lock access on both ends of a connection.

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Flexible Deployment Options for Easy Onboarding

Zentera offers the industry's most comprehensive set of options for onboarding assets to a ZTNA framework:

  • Any application – bare metal, virtualized, or containerized – can be instantly and securely connected and access policies enforced simply by installing the zLink software agent
  • The agentless CoIP Gateway Proxy terminates remote ZTNA connections next to services or IoT devices, enabling them to be accessed
  • The Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper deploys inline with IoT devices and critical infrastructure machines for instant security and access

Business Benefits for Zentera ZTNA

Protect Against Untrusted User Devices
Authorize access to specific, whitelisted applications, automatically filtering malicious applications
save time
Increase Your Business Agility
Overlays on top of existing infrastructure, streamlining access management for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid resources
Leverage One Solution for Many Access Challenges
Web apps, standard TCP/IP applications, remote terminal, secure file transfer, and more

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