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On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid, and Enterprise Service Edge

Connect Hybrid Applications and Services in Record Time

Instantly connect applications, services, and users across cloud, on premises, or over organizational boundaries without the security risks that come from connecting networks. Zero touch self-service connectivity eliminates time-consuming reconfiguration of infrastructure, the risks of compromising existing security implementations, and any costly upgrade of existing hardware and software. Cut through silos of operations responsibility, and join the ranks of enterprises that have achieved business agility and dramatic time-to-market gains.

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Hackers Can’t Attack What They Can’t See

Secure Applications with Zero Trust Application Networks

Protect sensitive hosts and applications by cloaking servers from other machines on the network with micro-segmentation and end-to-end encryption. Eliminate network topology as a trust factor, and replace it with certificate-based mutual authentication and policies that factor in user, machine, and application identity. Use automated workflows with your existing security tools to automate detection and response. All protections are delivered as a service.

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Easy to Use, Yet Powerful

Remove the IT Ticket Bottleneck

No BGP? No problem. Now with an infrastructure SaaS offered on your enterprise edge, you can set up, configure, and deploy your own secure hybrid connectivity for your applications. A simple, single pane of glass management provides centralized control of your connectivity and security in complex hybrid environments. Take DevOps projects to the next level with a full set of APIs that allow you to script and automate connectivity as code and provide output for compliance reporting.

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Technology Stack-Agnostic Connectivity and Security

Connect Anything, Anywhere and Everywhere

Use practically any resource—users, servers, services, and IoT—with infrastructure stack-agnostic connectivity. Linux, Windows, and Mac? Check. Cloud, virtual machine, bare metal... container?  Check.  IoT devices? Of course. All are supported with agentless and agent-based connectivity options. Leverage centralized and consistent policies to deliver security and connectivity along with your application.

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We help modern enterprises embrace digital transformation and thrive. With CoIP Platform, everyone’s a winner.

Level Up Your Business
Out-innovate the competition. Disrupt old business models. Speed up cloud migration. Reduce costs and maximize efficiency.
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Applications Teams
Less Waiting, More Doing
Rapidly deploy hybrid applications. Remove external dependencies. Take responsibility for your connectivity.
IT and InfoSec
Secure the Hybrid Enterprise
Upgrade your security to Zero Trust. Apply consistent policies everywhere. Lock down on-premises, cloud, and third-party users and machines.

Legacy Infrastructure Solutions Belong in the Past

Traditional corporate networks were designed to be shared by many business units running applications inside the enterprise. They have minimal network segmentation—many are flat—and are secured only at the corporate perimeter. The tools created in that era of network-building, including VLANs and VPNs, reflect that network design philosophy: They are static, hard to set up and change.

Modern applications and data are moving across the corporate edge. At the same time, companies are increasingly integrating their workflows with vendors and customers in search of efficiency. In the face of such complex multi-cloud and multi-party applications and services, legacy network infrastructure and security are being crushed by the weight of static operations.

Zentera Zero Trust Application Networks, offered as a SaaS on the corporate edge, allow the modern enterprise to make business at cloud speed a reality—changing months to minutes.

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