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    The threats you can't see present risks you can't quantify

    perseverance-reverse  Challenge

    The most successful and devastating cyber attacks are planned from the inside.

    Hackers have no shortage of ways to breach the corporate perimeter. Once inside, there are few network defenses, and the scale of the modern enterprise makes it impossible to detect and remediate all threats.

    With days or months to study the organization, hackers can craft custom attacks that are hard to defend against.

    risk-reverse  Risk

    Once you're under attack, it may already too late to avoid significant damages.

    The hacker's objective is to quickly maximize the damage; it's not uncommon for victims of a cyberattack to face costs exceeding $100M to remediate an attack that occurs over a single weekend.

    And there is no "undo" for a critical data leak.

    solution-reverse  Solution

    Critical assets and data need special protection.

    Since an intrusion-free network isn't feasible, the logical solution is to deploy new protections around critical assets.

    A Zero Trust Fabric provides effective protection, ensuring that every single network access is a known and authorized.

    Control your risk with a new layer of defenses around critical assets and data

    Our game-changing CoIP® Zero Trust Fabric neutralizes threats to critical assets with proactive and effective cybersecurity protection.

    We help enterprises implement the NIST SP800-207 spec for a Zero Trust Architecture, defending assets and data against

    • Ransomware/Malware
    • Lateral attacks
    • Insider threats
    • Data leaks and exfiltration



    How the CoIP Zero Trust Fabric defends your critical assets and data

    Deploy a new layer of defenses around critical assets and data

    The best network firewalls, threat detection tools, and monitoring still can't guarantee a threat-free network. This leaves critical assets and data exposed.

    We help you create a new layer of airtight protections around critical assets, just as recommended by NIST Special Publication 800-207.


    Manage access to protected assets with a Trust Table

    A Trust Table is like a guest list at a party, defining the requirements for a typical access, including who is allowed and what software clients can be used.

    We help you build and maintain your Trust Tables with advanced AI that tailors policies to your assets and helps you keep them up to date.


    Issue 'cyber-passports' to your users, machines, and software processes

    Use MFA to authenticate the unique identity of employees, contractors, devices, and even software processes.

    We help you apply MFA even to access types that don't natively support it, like ssh.


    Know who's accessing your assets - and how

    Validate the provenance of every network packet arriving at a protected asset, including whether the packet was generated by trusted software.

    We give you unparalleled observability into access to your most critical assets.


    Block malicious activity for good

    'Cyber passport controls' use the Trust Table to ensure that network packets arriving at the asset were sent by an authorized user/machine, or even a trusted software process running in the right context.

    We help you automatically block unauthorized accesses and malware by default - all without disrupting authorized access.


    What We Protect

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    Selected Use Cases

    Key Benefits

    Airtight security

    Deploying security controls right at the asset eliminates lateral access paths that hackers use to get around traditional network security.

    Lower cyber risk

    Critical assets and data are protected from attack, reducing the overall business impact of a cyber event and speeding up time to recovery.

    Unmatched speed

    Our Zero Trust Fabric secures unmodified applications and on your existing infrastructure, enabling you to protect critical applications in minutes.

    Unparalleled simplicity

    CoIP Platform completely decouples security policies from your network implementation, allowing you to enforce end-to-end policies, even across sites.

    Incredible agility

    Our Zero Trust Fabric allows you to rapidly build and reconfigure overlay application networks for private application-to-application communication across disconnected networks.


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