Quickly Support Work From Home Initiatives

Whether you need restore access to user desktops from BYOD devices, provide privileged access to specific corporate networks, extend cloud access to remote users, or restore 3rd party access to production or Critical Infrastructure, you can define and deploy secure access in minutes, without touching your existing network and security configuration.

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Remote Access Meets Zero Trust

Built on the principles of Zero Trust, Zentera Secure Access provides minimal access to corporate resources with granular and centralized policies that are easy to manage and audit. Zentera Secure Access authenticates the user, the device, and the application to direct privileged access only to the assets they are granted access to.

Secure Remote Access


More Infrastructure? Nope.

Zentera Secure Access can deploy either as an application on-premises or as a SaaS hosted in Zentera's global datacenters. Absolutely no VPN, router, or firewall changes are needed to support secure remote access. A standard Windows or Linux machine can be converted into a landing target for Zentera Secure Access.

Zentera ZDA - one tool, many types of access


Overlay Security. Still No Infrastructure.

Zentera Secure Access' unique technology connects any TCP/IP-based application without opening any firewall ports. This offers benefits like physical network port blocking, which will allow a protocol such as Microsoft RDP to connect without ever opening port 3389 to inbound traffic at the firewall. All access control policies are end-to-end and can be configured and managed centrally; this dramatically reduces the number of control knobs and streamlines the setup and troubleshooting for user access.

Zentera ZDA secures access without opening firewalls or exposing your network

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