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    Platform Components

    CoIP Platform provides a complete solution for rapidly onboarding users and endpoints of all kinds into a Zero Trust Security framework.

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    zCenter CoIP Controller
    The zCenter CoIP Controller is the centralized orchestration and control point for all access security policies. The zCenter controller features GUI and API-based management and control options, and robust high-availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR).
    ZNS Virtual Switch
    The ZNS Virtual Switch bridges CoIP WAN connections, with support for redundancy, scale out and scale up to achieve full control over application availability, bandwidth and latency. The ZNS Switch Node is available as a Linux physical or virtual appliance.
    zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy
    The zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy deploys as an agent on an endpoint to enforce security and connectivity policies, handling authentication, security filtering, and Application Interlock. The CoIP zLink Endpoint Proxy is available for practically any platform, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, making it ideal for onboarding virtual machines or cloud instances.
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    Gateway Proxy
    CoIP Gateway Proxy
    A CoIP Gateway Proxy is a physical or virtual appliance that provides an agentless on-ramp for Zero Trust access. A single Gateway Proxy can be used to create connections to multiple services through the CoIP Access Platform (for example, on-premises LDAP servers or code repositories), or to provide access to a network.
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    Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper
    The Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper is a hardware appliance that deploys inline with critical assets and workloads, such as IoT devices, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure, to protect them with instant Zero Trust Access and Application Chambers. The MSG supports high port densities and can be centrally managed by the zCenter CoIP Controller.
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    CoIP Launcher
    CoIP Launcher
    CoIP Launcher is an agentless access method for CoIP ZTNA services, including secure remote desktop, web app access, as well as TCP and UDP applications. CoIP Launcher supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

    Key Features

    CoIP Launcher
    Agentless secure user access with strong Zero Trust authentication for remote employees, contractors, and 3rd parties, supporting ZTNA for remote desktops, web apps and standard TCP/IP apps
    end-to-end encryption
    CoIP AppLink
    End-to-end, application-specific encrypted link that starts and ends in the endpoint OS, and dynamically set up, driven by policy-approved traffic, for a minimal attack surface
    File Transfer Manager
    Secure file transfers across distributed network silos with complete audit trails and workflows for approvals that help protect against data leaks

    How It Works

    CoIP Platform authenticates users, endpoints, and applications, using corporate identity providers, certificates, and other device/app fingerprints.

    When a user or application requests access, CoIP Platform checks policy, sets up a CoIP AppLink tunnel for authorized connections if required, and inserts required security functions  inline, such as firewall and threat detection/prevention.

     CoIP Platform supports nearly any cloud environment, bare metal, or IoT device with agent-based, agentless, and gatekeeper deployment options, and deploys in existing environments without requiring network and security infrastructure changes.

    CoIP Platform provides administrators with complete visibility into user, endpoint, and application end-to-end behavior.  It provides powerful control over the cyber kill chain for response and remediation.

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    Planning for your CoIP Platform deployment

    1. Learn about the Architecture and Components

    2. Review our video and whitepaper resources

    3. Review our additional design support resources and tools

    4. Get CoIP Platform:

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    5. Contact us for questions and support



    CoIP Platform is simple to deploy. Completely built out of computing elements and with physical and virtual appliance options, CoIP Platform can be spun up in your data center or in the cloud.



    CoIP Platform is non-intrusive and can be deployed to a running application server without requiring a restart. Once deployed, administrators can build and test policies in the running environment before turning on security protections.



    CoIP Platform offers a full suite of diagnostic and monitoring APIs that integrate into your operational flow, and rich data can be exported to a SIEM, such as Splunk or ELK, for further processing.


    Training and Services

    In addition to our library of resources and training videos, Zentera's experienced engineers and architects are available to provide training, architecture guidance, and to advise operational best practices for your projects.

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