Zero Trust Network Access

CoIP Access Platform authenticates distributed applications, workloads, users, and services across network silos, and securely connects them using overlay SSL tunnels. With cloaking, micro-segmentation, and powerful application identity-based access controls, enterprises can lock down cloud and on-premises servers with consistent policy controls everywhere.

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Key Features

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Zero Trust Security by Default
Whitelist policies apply to all endpoints, applications, users, workloads, and services. Zero trust network access and control automatically blocks anomalous and unexpected application traffic.
end-to-end encryption
Secure End-to-End Application Tunnels
Application specific encrypted tunnels start and end in the OS, not at the edge, to significantly reduce the attack surface; tunnels are dynamically set up on a need basis to prevent abuse. No more always-on VPNs that open up the network to cyber attacks.
Filters east-west and north-south traffic based on ports, protocols, and direction, inhibiting lateral migration.
Application Interlock™
Restricts network access to whitelisted applications among distributed endpoints and workloads to form an application isolated perimeter across hybrid environments and blocks rootkits, APTs, and other malware.
Smart Discovery
Learns application behavior to help automate security policy definition in complex hybrid computing environments.
Logging for Compliance
Simple to export ZTNA policy configuration and access logs for auditing and compliance.

How It Works

CoIP Access Platform cloaks hosts by filtering traffic on the physical network and a CoIP established overlay application proxy network. Administrators have full visibility and policy control over application behavior in such a secure access environment. CoIP Access Platform silently authenticates applications, setting up end-to-end secure TLS tunnels automatically and tearing them down when no longer needed. CoIP Access Platform supports nearly any cloud environment, bare metal, or IoT device with agent-based and agentless deployment options.

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Getting Started with CoIP

With the CoIP Platform in place, companies can...

  • Replace risky VPN connections with on-demand point-to-point application tunnels that are locked to the application
  • Provide third parties with secure access to specific resources within the enterprise
  • Enable cloud servers to access on-prem resources, such as code repositories, without creating inbound connections from the cloud
  • Cloak sensitive applications with micro-segmentation to reduce the attack surface




CoIP Platform is simple to deploy. Completely built out of computing elements and with physical and virtual appliance options, CoIP Platform can be spun up in your data center or in the cloud.



CoIP Platform is non-intrusive and can be deployed to a running application server. Once deployed, administrators can build and test policies in the running environment before turning on cloaking and micro-segmentation protections.



CoIP Platform offers a full suite of diagnostic and monitoring APIs that integrate into your operational flow.


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