Major concern for executive management

Ransomware brings business to a halt

"My screen locked up" – it's the call no IT admin wants to get.  Once detonated, ransomware spreads quickly inside the company, infecting as many machines as it can. IT works around the clock, racing to shut down systems, restore from backup, and, once the ransomware has been eradicated, carefully bring everything back online. 

Ransomware actors aim to hurt business and extract a payment by

  • Crippling or even stopping business operations
  • Destroying, or threatening to destroy company data
  • Leaking and publicly exposing company data

No business is too small to be targeted by ransomware.

Corporate perimeter security wasn't designed for this

Traditional network security can't solve ransomware

Let's face it, trying to stop 100% of threats with network security, like the corporate firewall, is a losing proposition.  Any one attack that breaks through the defenses will ruin your day.  And there are just too many paths into the modern enterprise:

  • Email phishing
  • VPN credential theft
  • Applications with exposed ports on the Internet

Often, ransomware actors will lurk in the corporate network for months after they gain access, until they can launch a coordinated attack. They may already be inside.

Zero Trust Security is the key to effective ransomware defense

An Application Chamber inoculates critical applications against ransomware

Although you can't stop ransomware from getting on the network, you can stop it from affecting the applications that your business depends on.

CoIP Platform forms an Application Cybershield around critical applications, defending them against ransomware and other attacks. It integrates Application Chambers and ZTNA to

  • Cloak applications from untrusted users and devices on the shared network
  • Baseline application behavior, and lock it down to detect and block ransomware with fine-grained controls
  • Positively authenticate and authorize every access from users or other servers

An Application Chamber can even protect a vulnerable server against ransomware, providing effective defense against 0-day attacks and giving admins the luxury of time to test and implement software patches.

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Zero Trust Security
CoIP Platform hides protected applications on the network with a default block, so attackers can't even see them
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Authorization for every access
CoIP Platform provides least-privilege access for authorized users, based on policy and user role
Learns application behavior
Creates a baseline of application behavior to assist policy creation, and instantly puts the application on lockdown
Full visibility for runtime application behavior
CoIP Platform provides rich, process-aware context about every violation, allowing you to generate reports or exports to your SIEM for further analysis

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