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    Poorly-defined, constantly changing application boundary

    Traditional network security is no match for AI sprawl

    Corporate AI initiatives may start small, but can rapidly expand to include data from sources across the enterprise, interface with edge AI or 3rd party AI services, and become accessible to a wider range of users than were originally anticipated at the beginning of the project.

    Decades-old network security, such as firewalls and VLANs, are built for statically deployed workloads. IT teams find it difficult to keep up with the rate of change.


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    Simple policies based on immutable identity

    Zero Trust Security scales with AI workloads

    With the CoIP® Platform Cyber Overlay, your Zero Trust security seamlessly scales as your project expands. By fingerprinting users, devices, and software applications and dynamically evaluating packet traffic against the existing set of policies, you can quickly expand to new sites, such as the network edge, without worrying about reprogramming the network security at each site to keep your workloads segmented.

    CoIP Platform makes it easy to incorporate new data sources without exposing the data or the AI to excessive lateral access. Its patented overlay network enables traffic to transit firewalls and connect across isolated VLANs without opening them or exposing them to additional risk.

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    Powerful data leak prevention

    Zero Trust protects AI models against exfiltration

    Even the most complex and well-trained AI models use billions of parameters - similar in size to databases which cybercriminals routinely exfiltrate.

    CoIP Platform's powerful Virtual Chambers create a segmented network zone, containing the AI instance and effectively blocking exfiltration paths. This keeps the AI available for authorized accesses - queries, maintenance, etc - while preventing the loss of  training data that can potentially include corporate IP, trade secrets, and other sensitive data.

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    Zero Trust Security
    Protect AI with the CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model, orchestrated across all pillars
    Virtual Chambers cloak sensitive AI workloads
    CoIP Platform segments AI instances, protecting them from network-based attacks
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    Authorization for every access
    CoIP Platform ensures only authorized users are able to access AI, and enforces controls over what data the AI can access
    Connect AI workloads on prem, in the cloud, and at the edge
    CoIP Platform's overlay application network makes connecting across complex hybrid infrastructure easy

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