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    Instant Zero Trust Onboarding

    The zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy is a powerful software agent that provides micro-segmentation and overlay Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for application servers and endpoints.  The zLink agent provides application server cloaking, application-aware traffic filtering, and multi-gigabit ZTNA, all managed by the Zentera CoIP Access Platform.

    Supports practically any OS – Windows, Linux, or Mac, zLink can handle it.

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    Application Segmentation, Managed by Policy

    The zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy can be deployed to a running server without disruption.  Administrators can later create policies to establish application cloaking and segmentation, controlling who can access what with simple application-level filters and directional controls that apply to both datacenter as well as complex hybrid environments.

    zlink app segmentation

    Control Access Like Never Before with Advanced Trust Factors and Overlay

    The zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy is responsible for collecting endpoint trust factors, including hardware and software identifiers and application information, presenting it to the zCenter CoIP Controller for a policy decision. zLink also controls forwarding application traffic to the destination, with both overlay and physical network options.

    With zLink, administrators can perform feats like creating inbound SSH access to a server for privileged users, all without ever opening any inbound TCP ports on the server.

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