Security at the Network Perimeter is Down For the Count

The old model of focusing time and attention on security at the network perimeter is rapidly fading. Digital Transformation and cloud adoption already had it on the ropes, and the rise of the remote worker has delivered a veritable knockout punch. It's just too easy to obtain valid credentials by phishing. Enterprises have already begun to focus on what's next.

Assuming the attackers are already inside the walls of your perimeter, what can you do to stop them? How about your cloud perimeters? Micro-segmentation helps answer that question.

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Business Benefits for Zentera Micro-segmentation

protecting against risk
Reduced Cybersecurity Risk
Micro-segmentation transparently shields critical applications and data and reduces attack surface against the risks that may already be in the network.
Stops ticking time bombs
Reduced Dwell Time
Controls detect and flag anomalous behavior, such as port scans and suspicious DNS queries, turning a spotlight on hacker activities.
saving time
Relieves Patching Pressure
Micro-segmentation blocks unknown applications, buying time to apply patches in a controlled manner, rather than an emergency
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Streamlined Compliance
Micro-segmentation limits the scope of evaluation for compliance (PCI, etc) - isolating even individual applications
Enhanced Governance
Strong access security and audit controls

Leverage Advanced Zero Trust Security Features

Micro-segmentation in CoIP Access Platform gives you many more capabilities compared to competitive products. Among its core features, CoIP Access Platform allows you to

  • Cloak critical applications and servers
  • Encrypt and obfuscate network traffic against snooping
  • Integrate whitelisted access for machines with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for least-privilege access for users
  • Implement inline threat detection and prevention
  • Segment hybrid applications
shielded and secure

Agent-based and Agentless Models Supporting a Range of Applications

From on-prem databases and web applications to complex, proprietary cloud-based services, CoIP Access Platform has got you covered. Zentera supports both of the major deployment models for micro-segmentation - agent-based and agentless - enabling practically any application to be rapidly onboarded for micro-segmentation and Zero Trust.

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