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    What is Zentera Air?

    Zentera Air is a managed SaaS Zero Trust connectivity service based on Zentera's award-winning CoIP Platform, which has been used by major enterprises for years to create and secure applications in hybrid environments. The service is managed by Zentera, freeing you to focus on your business and operations, rather than on building and maintaining hybrid infrastructure.

    How does Zentera Air help me?

    Zentera Air allows you to rapidly and securely connect endpoints in any environment. You control which applications can connect and how they connect. Zentera Air connections are built using our Zero Trust Application Network (ZTAN) technology. A ZTAN deploys via an endpoint proxy, which is software on your server or user machine, or as a gateway proxy, which is a proxy server used as a connection gateway. Deploying an Application Proxy Network does not require any reconfiguration of routers, switches, or network firewalls. As a result, the ZTAN can be set up quickly, restoring your productivity.

    Zentera Air also offers Zero Trust Security, which replaces trust in the network topology with trust built from many factors, including application, endpoint, and user identifiers, as well as application behavior policies.

    What can I use Zentera Air for?

    Zentera Air is ideal for many kinds of hybrid scenarios, including stitching together remote security and monitoring tools, providing an alternative to jump hosts for user access to secure environments, connecting cloud workloads back to on-premises services such as LDAP or code repositories, and accessing SaaS applications via a guided proxy connection for improved security and performance..

    What's a Virtual Port?

    A Virtual Port connects an endpoint to the ZTAN.  A CoIP endpoint proxy has one Virtual Port, and generally appears as a new virtual interface in the OS.  A CoIP gateway proxy, on the other hand, can serve hundreds of endpoints; as a result, the number of Virtual Ports used depends on the application configuration.

    How are Virtual Ports addressed?

    CoIP Platform implements a full overlay network, with a full internal IPv4-sized address space that is completely separate from the physical network. You can give a Virtual Port any address for the CoIP overlay network routing, including ones that overlap with the physical network.

    Can users connect via Zentera Air?

    Yes, Zentera Air supports users connecting to remote machines using the CoIP Launcher app on a client machine.

    How is the Zentera Air connection different from VPN?

    A VPN operates at Layer 3 of the OSI model, and connects networks together. Granting this much access opens attack surfaces and creates the potential for abuse, as evidenced by the popularity of phishing/credential theft.

    Zentera Air's CoIP-based proxies create on-demand SSL tunnels to connect designated applications, endpoints, or users with end-to-end TLS 1.3 encryption. Fine grained policies enable full control and minimize the attack surface, and continuous monitoring allows you to detect unauthorized behavior as it happens.

    Where is Zentera Air service available?

    Zentera Air Zero Trust Connectivity Services are currently available in 3 regions in North America, each with high-speed redundant Internet connectivity. We will be bringing additional sites online throughout the year in order to expand coverage to Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

    Where can I use Zentera Air?

    Zentera Air proxies can connect workloads in any public cloud, edge cloud, colocation, datacenter, or office environment. CoIP Platform is completely technology stack independent, and has been run in production on all major public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI), all hypervisors (VMware ESXi, Openstack, KVM), and bare metal environments. Zentera Air can also support any OT network based on TCP/IP (e.g. Modbus over TCP/IP).

    What platforms does Zentera Air support?

    Zentera Air endpoint proxy agents are available for any Linux (kernel version 2.6.32+) or Windows (XP or later). We've even installed the Endpoint Proxy on Raspbian!

    CoIP gateway proxies are Linux physical or virtual appliances (CentOS 7).

    Mobile device support is in development.

    Can I run Zentera Air traffic over my MPLS?

    Yes, however the public SaaS versions of Zentera Air are limited to Internet connectivity. Zentera Air is also available as a private hosted configuration on popular public clouds, such as AWS, Azure or GCP. Contact us for information on enterprise deployment options and licensing..

    Does Zentera Air support Kubernetes?

    Yes! Zentera Air can be used to create a hybrid Kubernetes deployment supporting Istio/Envoy container traffic running on CoIP to reach remote pods or to create a hybrid connection to other non-Kubernetes services. Contact us for detailed information.

    Is Zentera Air secure?

    Yes. Zentera Air provides leading edge Zero Trust Security and policy controls for application connectivity. All proxy traffic is carried in secure TLS 1.3 connections.

    What if I need higher performance, or more Virtual Ports?

    CoIP Platform can be deployed to support 100Gbps+ switching requirements, with tens of thousands of Virtual Ports, leveraging your existing high-speed trunks across clouds, if they are available. Contact us for information on enterprise deployment options and licensing.

    You've convinced me, and I'm ready to get started! How long does it take to provision my service?

    Once you sign up, we'll automatically provision your service - in most cases, it will be done within 5-10 minutes.


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