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    Application Chambers: Next-Generation Application Cybershield

    An Application Chamber is a shield that protects application servers from receiving or sending unauthorized network traffic with micro-segmentation. Inserting these security controls right in front of the application eliminates potential lateral attacks, and is the best way to guarantee end-to-end Zero Trust.

    Deployed as software, Application Chambers can protect application servers in any environment. Whether bare metal or VM, on-prem, cloud, or hybrid, Application Chambers offer a single set of controls that work consistently everywhere.

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    Application Chambers Minimize the Application Attack Surface

    An Application Chamber can contain a single tier of compute, an entire datacenter, or anything in between. The flexibility to draw an arbitrarily granular perimeter around applications helps admins create simple, application-oriented policies controlling what goes in and comes out of the Chamber, to segment or cloak applications in place.

    An easy-to-use policy mechanism allows admins to quickly develop policy templates that can be reused throughout the enterprise.

    Zentera's Application Chambers natively integrate with ZTNA. Armed with rich process context, the Application Chamber can enforce policies based on the intent behind the access, for the smallest possible attack surface for a given application.



    Application Chambers Put Application Servers on Lockdown

    CoIP Platform can automatically learn normal application behavior to help detect or prevent abnormal activity. This helps block potential exploits against vulnerable or unpatched servers, blocking threats such as ransomware, lateral and insider threats.

    Application Chambers also help prevent malicious outbound activity, such as data exfiltration and command-and-control (C2) activity.


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    Benefits of Application Chambers

    Enables Zero Trust Transformation
    Cloaks critical applications and data, exposing them only through Zero Trust – all without a network overhaul
    Application Cybershield
    Application-scale protection against ransomware, insider threats, and command-and-control
    Flexible Segmentation
    Segment at any granularity, in or across any hybrid environment
    Assisted Policy Creation
    Rapidly create new Zero Trust security policies based on observed and learned application flow behavior

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