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    Software-Defined Perimeters

    A software-defined perimeter (SDP) shields critical application servers at the network level. It combines an Application Chamber to eliminates lateral attacks with ZTNA that allows authorized access only from authenticated users, devices, and software processes, with attribute-based access controls.

    A software-defined perimeter can contain a single server or many thousands of servers, and supports tiered applications by specifically authorizing all inter-SDP traffic based on Zero Trust policies.

    Our SDP model leverages our unique Overlay Application Network for outbound-first access to protected servers. This also enables inter-SDP traffic to cross disconnected network domains - for example, from a cloud VPC back into an on-prem database.



    Secure Datacenter

    In this model, applications, data, and compute infrastructure are completely contained in a secure enclave. The enclave can be task-specific - for example, dedicated to software development activities.

    Zentera's access methods are used to provide access into and out of the secure enclave, tying every cross-boundary login, file transfer, and access to an authenticated user/server with  authorization:

    • CoIP Remote Desktop for pixel-only views of sensitive data
    • Universal ZTNA for application-to-application access
    • CoIP Secure File Transfer applies inline antivirus, DLP controls, and approval workflows to files transferred across the boundary


    Zero Trust DMZ

    A Zero Trust DMZ deploys inline with assets or subnets that need protection, forcing all network traffic to undergo Zero Trust identity and authorization checks before continuing on.

    Our CoIP Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper makes it simple to deploy a Zero Trust DMZ in front of critical infrastructure or IoT devices without affecting packet routing or IP addressing.


    Benefits of Zentera CoIP for Protecting Critical Assets and Data

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    Powerful application cyber defense
    Cloaks critical applications, devices, or even entire datacenters at the network level, rendering them invisible to attackers
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    Non-disruptive to existing applications
    Deploys as software alongside running applications; no restart required to achieve instant visibility and improved
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    Easy to Deploy and Agile
    Create policies at your own pace, roll them back, and use AI-assist to create new ones based on observed traffic and automatically keep policies up to date

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