Security Pushed to the Application Edge

Your applications live in increasingly complex networks. Cloud, edge, datacenter, and remote workers – it's tough to force your distributed application to follow the topology of existing security gateways throughout the network.

CoIP Platform frees you from this constraint by pushing the security and policy enforcement boundary right up to the edge of your application, in any environment - cloud, on prem, container, or bare metal. Network topology becomes irrelevant when security can be inserted inline, at the application edge. Now it can, thanks to our innovative Zero Trust Security overlay.

Want to understand why the future of network security is software?

How to Implement NIST SP800-207 Zero Trust with Zentera >


Cybersecurity Mesh for Global Policy Enforcement

One global security policy is the aggregated result of all of the security rules at each of the enforcement points along a route. However, it can be difficult to infer the intent of the global policy from individual firewall rules. It can be even harder to validate that the actual rules implemented in the network match the security intent. Such implicitly-implemented rules are hard to maintain, and quickly become outdated. This legacy approach is error-prone and not scalable.

CoIP Platform changes the paradigm with a cybersecurity mesh that secures and connects endpoints without coupling to policy implementations at security gateways with distributed rules. Zero Trust policies that define who, what, where, when, and how access is allowed are independently implemented by a Zero Trust overlay platform from end-to-end, making it easy to define and enforce least-privilege access.

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Zero Trust Security Policy Controls

Never trust, always verify.  That's the mantra of Zero Trust. In other words, assume that your network is compromised, and let hosts and resources prove their identity for each transaction.

CoIP Platform authenticates users, using your existing identity providers.  It then authenticates endpoints and applications with certificates and fingerprints, enabling you to define privileged and role-based access to specific applications and resources.


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Our Products

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CoIP Platform
Zero Trust overlay platform that connects and protects distributed users, applications, and resources
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Zentera Air
CoIP Platform, delivered as a service from Zentera's worldwide PoPs
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Key Benefits of CoIP Access Platform

Business Agility
Teams can move faster without the infrastructure and operations bottlenecks of legacy infrastructure
Cloud Agnostic
Simple approach, powered by our Cloud Over IP® overlay technology, that works in any cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environment
Zero Touch Deployment
Zero Trust Security deploys without network or firewall re-engineering
ZTNA, Micro-segmentation, FWaaS and more
Powerful APIs
Automate your setup for fast and reproducible results

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