Unified Secure Access Enables Cloud-Speed Connectivity and Security for the Modern Hybrid World

Companies undergoing digital transformation are rapidly moving applications and data to the cloud for cost efficiency and to improve agility. In most cases, these “cloud” applications are actually hybrid—they still rely on on-premises services and resources that can’t move for operational or compliance reasons. One approach to connect external servers back to the corporate network is to implement a unified hybrid cloud network with security trust. It can trigger overwhelming infrastructure efforts, while presenting a huge security risk; it’s easy to accidentally expose sensitive data and IP or provide a path for malware to attack the enterprise at the network level. Furthermore, deploying a hybrid network with security segmentation requires significant coordination between multiple operational silos, including the application owner, the networking team, the firewall team, and information security. The reviews and signoffs required to manage risk and compliance can easily outweigh the promised agility benefits.

Zentera is leading the charge to solve the challenges of this new hybrid reality. Our unified secure access platform solutions help major enterprises streamline hybrid cloud operations with Zero Trust Network Access across disconnected silos, without opening the protected corporate and cloud networks. Read on for more information.

Our Products

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CoIP Access Platform
Application proxy networks for instant hybrid networking.
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Zentera Air
Main SaaS offering to connect and protect applications across hybrid environments
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Zentera Secure Access (ZSA)
Secure remote access, with centralized policies and Zero Trust features
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Zentera Cloud Access (ZCA)
Application connectors with infrastructure-free deployment
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Encrypted Transport
Cloud and MPLS encryption proxy.
File Transfer Manager
Secure file transfers with complete audit trails and workflows for approvals.

Key Benefits of CoIP Platform

Business Agility
Eliminates infrastructure and operations bottlenecks.
Cloud Agnostic
Runs in nearly all cloud and on-premises environments.
Zero Touch Deployment
Overlay proxy network—no router or firewall reconfiguration.
Define patterns for secure connectivity for users to deploy.
Micro-segmentation, cloaking, and Application Interlock™.
API-Based Configuration
Achieve consistent behavior through automation.

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