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zCenter CoIP Controller icon
zCenter CoIP Controller
The zCenter CoIP Controller is the orchestrator that defines all whitelist or blacklist communications within the CoIP Access Platform, acting as a centralized orchestration and control point for all access security policies. The zCenter controller features robust GUI and API-based management and control options, and high-availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) options.
ZNS Virtual Switch icon
ZNS Virtual Switch
The ZNS Virtual Switch bridges CoIP overlay tunnel connections. The ZNS Virtual Switch supports scale out and scale up models. Multiple ZNS Virtual Switch nodes can be clustered to scale up performance and for redundancy, while multiple clusters can be deployed worldwide for scaling out proxy network services. The ZNS Switch Node is available as a Linux physical or virtual appliance.
zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy icon
zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy
The zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy deploys as an agent on an endpoint to enforce ZTNA access security and connectivity policy, including endpoint authentication, security filtering, overlay connectivity/addressing, micro-segmentation, and Application Interlock. The CoIP zLink Endpoint Proxy is available for practically any platform, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
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Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper icon
Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper
The Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper is a hardware appliance that deploys inline with critical assets and workloads to protect them with instant Zero Trust, including micro-segmentation, threat detection and prevention, and ZTNA secure remote access. The MSG supports high port densities and can be centrally managed by the zCenter CoIP Controller.
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CoIP Gateway Proxy icon
CoIP Gateway Proxy
A CoIP Gateway Proxy is a physical or virtual appliance that provides an agentless on-ramp to the ZTNA, serving devices without requiring the zLink CoIP Endpoint Proxy. A single Gateway Proxy can be used to create connections to individual services through the CoIP Access Platform (for example, on-premises LDAP servers or code repositories), or even to connect entire subnets together with security filtering and micro-segmentation.
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CoIP Launcher icon
CoIP Launcher
CoIP Launcher is an agentless access method for CoIP ZTNA services, including secure terminal, web app access, and TCP/IP network-level access. CoIP Launcher supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
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Cloud Secure Access to Corporate Applications

Enable cloud VM servers to connect back and securely access an on-premises application, such as a git code repository, without connecting the corporate network to the cloud.

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Hybrid Kubernetes Scale Out

Scale out your Kubernetes deployment by connecting clusters and services across multiple clouds.

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Global Access Connectivity Support

Provide optimized access flexibility for applications at global scale with distributed ZNS virtual switch cluster deployments.

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