Next-Generation Cybersecurity, as a Service

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Zero Trust has never been this easy.


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Instant access to your desktops

Get a secure remote connection to Windows, Linux or Mac computers, without the security risks. No open firewall ports or VPN that could create security risks, and controls for copy/paste and file transfer to prevent abuse.

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Connect applications, not networks

Replace risky VPN access with high security ZTNA and leave firewall ports closed. Connect web applications or any TCP/UDP application – even proprietary clients.

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Protect critical applications

Use an Application Chamber to defend against ransomware, lateral attacks, and insider threats.

Combine with ZTNA or remote desktops to get control over what actions users can take once they land.

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Sample Use Cases

Powerful security, easy to get started

DevOps Productivity
Support complex environments including containers, VMs, and a mix of on-prem and cloud services like LDAP and code repositories without IT tickets.
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Monitoring and Log Aggregation
Centralize and aggregate feeds from application performance and system health monitors in distributed environments.
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Jumphost Alternative
Skip the always-on jumphost with dynamic connections directly into target resources, never opening any inbound ports.
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Proxy Cloud-Native Services On-Prem
Reflect selected cloud-native services, such as AWS S3, as local on-prem services.

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