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SAN JOSE, Calif.October 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Zentera Systems, Inc., the leader in Zero Trust security for the digitally-transformed enterprise, today announced a family of Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper (MSG) appliances for its flagship CoIP® Access Platform product. Available in options supporting up to 64 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the new MSG enables enterprises to transparently insert micro-segmentation and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security to protect existing IT applications, OT, and IoT devices.

Securing enterprise applications and resources against external and internal cybersecurity threats has never been more important – or more challenging. Attackers have taken advantage of the dramatic increase in remote working to gain access to enterprises. Once inside, they traverse the internal network to discover valuable assets and data. A company may face legal, operations, and business risks as a consequence of loss or theft of these assets and data. However, common security mitigation methods, such as network segmentation using VLANs and firewalls, can be high-touch and are disruptive to existing application workflows. At the same time, newer software-defined perimeter offerings address only remote access needs, but do not complement existing network infrastructure to meet the micro-segmentation requirements. 

Zentera’s new Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper is a hardware-based security appliance designed to safeguard IT, OT, and IoT devices.  Once the MSG appliance is deployed inline with sensitive assets, such as database servers, critical manufacturing servers, or IoT devices, the application is instantly onboarded to Zero Trust Security protection and able to leverage stateful firewalling and threat detection/prevention for instant, configuration-free security. Administrators can then create application segments to cloak the asset, or use ZTNA to enable remote, role-based access for users or cloud-based applications. Supported by the zCenter CoIP Controller, it is simple to manage distributed MSG devices throughout the enterprise from a single pane of glass.

The new line of MSG appliances complements Zentera’s software-based zLink endpoint agent, which provides micro-segmentation and ZTNA directly to VMs, applications, and containers in datacenter and cloud environments. With support for up to 64 Gigabit Ethernet ports, one MSG appliance can provide instant Zero Trust protection for up to 32 protected assets without installing any software. For OT and critical infrastructure deployments, Zentera supports an optional hardware bypass, failing open to guarantee availability of the protected asset.

“Our new Micro-Segmentation Gatekeeper completes our portfolio of Zero Trust Security options,” said Jaushin Lee, Zentera’s CEO. “Our customers are able to rapidly design and deploy advanced protection for their digital applications running across complex hybrid infrastructures including cloud, datacenter, and converged IT/OT/IoT environments.”

The new MSG offerings are available immediately through Zentera Systems and its resellers.

About Zentera

Zentera is the leader in Zero Trust security solutions for the digitally-transformed enterprise. The company’s CoIP® Access Platform provides award-winning Zero Trust networking, security, and multi-cloud connectivity that overlays on top of any infrastructure in any fragmented environment, allowing customers to be up and running in less than a day. The CoIP Access Platform has been deployed by global enterprises to secure employee and third-party network access for compliance, protect sensitive data against leaks, and instantly connect hybrid applications and containers running in the cloud and on-premises. The Silicon Valley-based company has received numerous recognitions, including Cool Vendor for Cloud Security by Gartner.

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