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    Managed Security Services Need Secure Service Delivery

    MSSPs must embed Zero Trust security capabilities into their credentialed access. Legacy network technologies, such as VPNs, connect networks, mixing multiple customers' data in the SOC network. Hackers have been observed exfiltrating data from one customer and storing it in another customer's network to download later.

    Zentera's ZTNA locks MSSP access to customer environments to specific applications, such as SIEM/SOAR reporting. The solution also provides pixel-only views into the customer network with RDP or VNC,  and SOC analysts can be given limited connectivity to specific hosts in the customer environment for remote support.

    Start Your Customers Off on the Right Foot

    Your customers rely on you for your cybersecurity expertise, and their trust in you is paramount. Lead them to Zero Trust, starting with how you connect to their sites, and help address their concerns about vulnerabilities within credentialed access.

    Rapid Customer Onboarding
    Application proxy networks provide instant connectivity to security appliances running deep in customer networks. Instead of relying on customers to configure initial VPN access to their sites, your SOC can be up and running in a matter of minutes through secure proxies.
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    Minimum Access for Minimum Exposure
    Because MSSPs have credentialed access back into customer networks, that very trust can lead to potential security vulnerabilities. Zero Trust Network Access restricts access to security-related tools, reducing the potential damage that can be done through credential theft.
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