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    Level Up XDR with Global Visibility

    Imagine having complete visibility over the authentication of every user, endpoint, software application, and their access flows, network events, and violations in your network.  Add intelligence about every network access attempted. Now imagine having a global policy store that helps you identify the unauthorized accesses along with your cyber kill chain.

    With CoIP Access Platform, you don't have to imagine any longer. CoIP XDRi (XDR Intelligence) provides full visibility and intelligence for every user and every software process, for every protected application and endpoint, using Zero Trust.

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    Respond to Threats in Real Time

    CoIP XDRi makes responding to and remediating threats simple. With traditional network security, it can be challenging to identify the cyber kill chain across networks.  An edge firewall can be one point in the chain, but modifying a firewall rule on the fly could potentially create risk to all running applications that are coupled to that rule. CoIP Access Platform's CoIP Chamber gives you the granularity to make access policy changes that affect individual software applications running on an endpoint edge on-the-fly, with flow-based policies that apply to a single application.

    CoIP Access Platform's rich integrations and APIs make a range of automated responses possible and laser-focused, from applying more restrictive policies to quarantining. With full virtual infrastructure-as-code, you can even rebuild your entire application setup in minutes.

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    Take Action to Reduce Your Attack Surface

    It can be difficult to manage what you can't measure. Take your attack surface, for example. A modern hybrid application has an incredibly complex attack surface, potentially needing to take into consideration multiple cloud and on-prem environments.

    With CoIP Access Platform, you can use CoIP Chamber to create virtual segmentation at the application level, then use CoIP XDRi's built-in measurement tools to quickly score your attack surface and gradually reduce it. As you adjust access policies, the score updates and gives you instant feedback on the impact of each change at the individual endpoint and application level. CoIP XDRi will even guide you through the process, with automated suggestions on actions you can take to manage your attack surface.


    CoIP XDRi Business Benefits

    protecting against risk
    Reduced Cybersecurity Risk
    CoIP XDRi provides you with unprecedented global visibility and control over your distributed applications and data
    saving time
    Faster Response Time
    CoIP XDRi helps you quickly identify suspicious behavior around critical applications, data, and user access, and dramatically decreases your response time
    Proactive Protection
    CoIP XDRi helps you measure, manage, and minimize the attack surface around critical applications and data

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