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Our CEO, Jaushin Lee, recently spoke with Semiwiki about Zentera, where we came from, and how we're helping companies throughout the semiconductor value chain face cybersecurity challenges including IP protection and defending against insider threats.

Dr. Jaushin Lee, the founder and CEO of Zentera Systems, spoke with Semiwiki on the company's origins and its mission to address cybersecurity challenges within the semiconductor industry and beyond.

In particular, Dr. Lee explores how traditional methods of setting up secure collaboration spaces were either cumbersome or inadequate, leading to the development of a virtual chamber concept that encapsulates enterprise assets with robust security measures. This approach allows for rapid deployment and seamless integration, addressing the immediate needs of collaborative projects without compromising security.

Zentera's platform has evolved through partnerships with major players in the electronics design automation (EDA) sector, such as Siemens and Cadence, and has become a comprehensive solution for safeguarding intellectual property across the semiconductor value chain. The company's focus extends beyond semiconductors to other sectors facing similar security challenges, including manufacturing, healthcare, and finance.

Lee also highlights the critical importance of cybersecurity for corporations, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to prevent data breaches and intellectual property theft. Unlike traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions that react after the fact, Zentera's platform aims to preemptively block unauthorized access and data exfiltration, addressing the concerns of both public and private entities.

Zentera's CoIP technology also stands out because of its software-defined nature, allowing for non-intrusive deployment as an overlay on existing networks. This flexibility ensures that intellectual property can be secured across various stages of its lifecycle, from conception to deployment, without disrupting operational workflows.

Finally, Dr. Lee looks ahead, highlighting how Zentera is poised to meet the demand that comes with the heightened awareness of global supply chain vulnerabilities. For example, the company is focusing on enhancing its capabilities to protect semiconductor manufacturing processes and industrial operations, particularly those using legacy systems vulnerable to modern cyber threats. 


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