Remote is the New Normal for Users... and Applications

Enterprises have aggressively pursued Digital Transformation initiatives, moving applications out of the corporate perimeter and into the public cloud.

At the same time, remote working has gone from a cherished employment perk to a necessity for business continuity.

This new paradigm of distributed users and apps has fragmented the infrastructure, making it difficult to manage remote access with infrastructure tools like VPNs. It's more critical than ever to authenticate and authorize every single access - enter ZTNA.

Cloud computing and remote work

ZTNA Enables Secure Access to Anything, Anywhere 

Using Zentera Secure Access ZTNA with CoIP Access Platform, enterprises can grant authorized users and applications directly to critical assets and resources based on role and context.

Unlike traditional solutions, which provide full network access based on easily-phished credentials, ZTNA access implements the Zero Trust model to thoroughly identify users, endpoints, and applications. Authorized users, endpoints, and applications are connected directly to the target resource, in keeping with principles of Least Privilege.

For more information on the Zero Trust model, check out the resource below.

Zero Trust, Explained - Read Now >


Business Benefits for Zentera ZTNA

Protect Against Untrusted User Devices
Authorize access to specific, whitelisted applications, automatically filtering malicious applications
save time
Increase Your Business Agility
Overlays on top of existing infrastructure, streamlining access management for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid resources
Leverage One Solution for Many Access Challenges
Web apps, standard TCP/IP applications, remote terminal, secure file transfer, and more

Strong Zero Trust Security to Identify Users, Endpoints, and Applications 

CoIP Access Platform works with your existing identity provider (IdP) to leverage a single source of truth and consistent multi-factor authentication.

Endpoints and applications are then identified with hardware and OS identifiers, filesystem information, certificate data, and geolocation to build a complete picture of who is using which hardware and software to access your systems.

CoIP Access Platform's policy engine allows you to use these trust factors to lock access on both ends of a connection.

checking identity

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