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    Connecting Cloud to On-Premises Services
    Cloud servers often need to connect to existing on-premises corporate services, like LDAP, code repositories, or key management servers, that cannot move to the cloud for various reasons (e.g., data privacy). CoIP Access Platform enables technology companies to safely connect cloud resources back to these services.
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    Third Party and Employee Remote Access
    Companies are learning the hard way that VPNs are a poor way to provide access to a single resource. Whether the resource is a billing system or a test environment, it’s hard to limit the extent of the access associated with a set of VPN credentials. CoIP Access Platform solves this problem by providing access to a defined set of resources, using a dedicated application, and reducing the potential for abuse in the backend.
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    High-Speed Database Backup to the Cloud
    Companies invest significant time and money to build private line connectivity to cloud service providers. Private lines need to be encrypted, particularly if they carry personally identifiable information (PII). What most companies don’t realize is that cloud VPN gateways max out at 1.25 Gbps, limiting private line throughput. CoIP Access Platform enables total encryption throughputs exceeding 100 Gbps, with ultra-high speed single flow performance.
    Migrating Data Centers to the Cloud
    Companies are looking to the cloud as the replacement for legacy data centers. However, migrating an entire data center requires significant down time, because the entire data center has to be moved before production service can be restarted. CoIP Access Platform minimizes the downtime associated with data center migration by allowing the network to migrate along with the application server, so that applications can continue to function in a partially migrated state.

    Rapid Deployment. By Application Owners, for Applications.

    Traditional networking solutions, such as VPNs, VLANs, firewalls, and WAN routing, all fall under the ownership of different teams in the IT organization. Unfortunately, hybrid projects touch all of those teams, requiring significant coordination.

    CoIP Access Platform deploys as software, connecting VMs and bare metal machines in the corporate data center to cloud servers using overlay proxy networks. CoIP Access Platform can be deployed and managed as another application in the data center, minimizing the number of tickets that need to be sent to these teams.

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    Own Your Shared Responsibility in the Cloud

    Infosecurity teams have to contend with a wide range of similar, yet different security features provided by the cloud service providers. Translating information security requirements into guidance for application teams is a daunting task, and relying solely on CSP tools requires significant trust in CSP operations. CoIP Access Platform enables infosecurity to recommend centralized and consistent policy templates to help application teams meet compliance in any new environment.

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