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Zentera's CoIP Enclave was featured in Linux Journal!  Check out the details Check out ZenteraSystems' CoIP Enclave feature in Linux Journal..


Following its recognition as a "Cool Vendor in Cloud Security'' by Gartner, Zentera Systems, Inc., has unveiled an enhancement to its innovative CoIP Security Enclave solution. 

This update introduces significant advancements in how enterprises can manage and secure their application workloads across various environments. At the core of these improvements is the ability for organizations to define their micro-segmentation policies, which the Enclave software then translates into sophisticated, application-aware segmentation rules. These rules safeguard application workloads within what Zentera refers to as "enclaves," which are essentially unified virtual overlay networks. Notably, these enclaves can encompass workloads located anywhere—either on-premises or spread across a variety of cloud, hybrid, and multi cloud setups.

This latest version also introduces CoIP Smart Discovery, which can autonomously assess workload behaviors to identify existing application compute flows and patterns. Using this insights-driven approach, IT security teams can efficiently finalize their micro-segmentation definitions and swiftly pinpoint any vulnerabilities in their segmentation structure. This level of intelligent automation is especially helpful for complex hybrid environments, where integrating numerous applications and workloads is challenging. In particular, the CoIP Smart Discovery can significantly reduce the time and resources required for security teams to confirm protections for their digital assets.

Finally, the Smart Discovery functionality can seamlessly integrate within the CoIP Application Interlock, an established security feature that allows businesses to determine which approved applications within a specific CoIP enclave have permission to access the enclave's network. At the same time, all unauthorized applications are blocked, fortifying the security perimeter of the enclave. 

According to Zentera, this integration ensures that managing security in a hybrid or cloud setting is just as intuitive and effective as doing so in an on-premises environment. Enterprises are then able to enforce a single, cohesive security policy across all their network, regardless of where their operations, applications, and workloads reside.