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SAN JOSE, Calif., January 21, 2020 — Zentera Systems, Inc., the leader in Zero Trust Networking for the digitally-transformed enterprise, announced that it has received its 11th granted United States patent for the technology underpinning its ground-breaking CoIP Platform secure access solution. The CoIP Platform solution uses overlay application proxy networks to connect applications across network domains without connecting or changing the underlying physical networks, delivering rapid multi-cloud connectivity and secure access service edge (SASE) capabilities.

Identified as a major trend by Gartner, SASE represents a convergence of networking and security functions at the application edge. Recognizing that traditional network security breaks down in complex hybrid environments, SASE envisions application-centric connectivity and security that are delivered through proxies deployed next to the applications they protect. Organizations adopting SASE benefit from better and more scalable security.

The CoIP Platform implements the core architecture of SASE by integrating application proxy-based connectivity with deep edge security. CoIP Platform is infrastructure-agnostic and can be used in any cloud or on-premises environment for Zero Trust security, end-to-end encryption, micro-segmentation, and Application Interlock™ security. Companies can use CoIP Platform to connect applications operating in disjointed networks, such as accessing on-premises servers and services behind corporate firewalls from the cloud.

“The future of network security cannot be achieved by modifying and stitching together traditional network architectures,” said Jaushin Lee, Zentera’s CEO. “Zentera’s CoIP helps companies decouple application connectivity security from the network infrastructure in order to streamline cloud adoption and achieve business agility. We are pleased that our invention has been appropriately recognized by the USPTO.”

About Zentera

Zentera is the leader in secure and agile connectivity solutions for the digitally-transformed enterprise.  The company’s award-winning Application Proxy Networks instantly connect applications and users across organizational boundaries without the risks that come from connecting networks. Zero trust security and zero touch self-service connectivity allow enterprises to deploy and protect any application anywhere in record time. The company has received numerous recognitions, including Cool Vendor for Cloud Security by Gartner.

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