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    Secure Links with End-to-End Encrypted AppLinks

    The CoIP Access Platform AppLink enables enterprises to easily and elastically connect and protect distributed applications in untrusted environments.  It provides end-to-end encrypted links for traffic traversing the SASE overlay – from the OS of the source right into the OS of the destination.

    AppLinks wrap application traffic in mutually authenticated TLS 1.3 tunnels, providing an additional layer of protection for legacy applications that either don't use encryption or haven't been updated to the latest secure ciphers.


    AppLink: On-Demand, and Application-Specific

    CoIP Access Platform features a default deny model, in which communications between hosts are assumed to be unauthorized. When a software application attempts to communicate with a remote server, CoIP Access Platform leverages Zero Trust principles to handle the request: the identity of the users, endpoints, and software applications involved and the global policy determines if the access is authorized. If authorized, an AppLink session tunnel is set up with security filters providing minimal application connectivity, and once the application traffic terminates, the AppLink tunnel is torn down.

    Unlike a VPN and firewall-based access solution, which don't support Zero Trust minimal connectivity and are always-on, CoIP Access Platform checks security policies for each new flow, periodically re-verifying trust factors during the active session.


    Secure WAN and LAN Connectivity

    The CoIP Access Platform SASE overlay supports AppLink session tunnels directly between remote hosts that in siloed network domains (WAN mode), using existing provisioned links (e.g. SD-WAN or MPLS) or the Internet for backhaul.

    AppLink session tunnels can also be used in a flat network, where micro-segmentation and LAN encryption are desired (LAN mode).


    Learn more about the CoIP Access Platform architcture >


    CoIP Link Encryption Benefits

    Elastic Connectivity, High Performance
    AppLink session tunnels are dynamic, elastic, and provide better performance than software VPN gateways – up to 6Gbps per-flow performance
    End-to-End Protection
    AppLink session tunnels wrap legacy client-server and unencrypted traffic in secure TLS 1.3 protection, end-to-end
    Enables Zero Trust
    CoIP AppLink enables a "never trust, always verify" model across untrusted physical network environments

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