Open Your Operational Technology Infrastructure to Innovation, Not to New Risks

The Industry 4.0 trend is in full swing, and companies are actively working to connect their manufacturing operations, energy, and critical infrastructure to powerful tools for analytics and process improvement. At the same time, ransomware attacks affecting operational technology (OT) networks have increased dramatically, drawing renewed focus on OT security.

CoIP Platform enables companies to extend specific applications, such as Big Data analytics and AI-based backends, into OT networks, using Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation and Zero Trust Network Access for ultimate security.


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Key Benefits for IT/OT Convergence Security

Lock Application Access
Restricts access to OT environment to ZTNA only, connecting to only whitelisted applications.
Remove Firewall Exceptions
Moves application traffic to overlay proxy networks, letting firewalls go back to blocking physical ports and protocols.
Protect Unpatched Machines
Micro-segmentation controls block malware, even on unpatched servers.
Protect Legacy Servers
Supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
Leverage Scripts and Templates
Deploy consistent connectivity and security policies everywhere, reducing the risk of misconfigurations.
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Block Malware Propagation in the OT Network

Supporting application connectivity needs by creating a firewall exception is risky business, because each exception expands the network’s attack surface. After years of operations, many businesses find themselves as the victims of overly complex firewall rules that may interact with each other; any modification triggers an intensive risk analysis.

CoIP Platform’s Zero Trust Application Networks provide a secure path for connecting whitelisted applications, with micro-segmentation, cloaking, and Application Interlock policies across firewalled network boundaries without changing the already-complex firewall policies. Providing access through ZTAN will allow firewall exceptions to be closed, reducing the attack surface.

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Protect Legacy Servers from Malware

CoIP Platform supports a wide range of operating systems, even ones that are long past support, including Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. With CoIP Platform, even vulnerable legacy machines can be protected by cloaking them and blocking the attack vector.

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