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    Micro-Segmentation for Compliance and Risk Management
    Many financial services companies have experienced faster growth than their legacy infrastructure could support; it is not uncommon to find flat on-premises data center networks. VLANs have been around for a long time, but they are difficult to set up and require the network topology to reflect the organization structure and segmentation requirements. CoIP Access Platform provides an alternate approach: micro-segmentation applications in place, based on Zero Trust principles.
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    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Mergers and acquisitions are exciting, and for good reason. But once the celebration is over, the real hard work of integration begins. Merging the networks may take years to complete, if ever. CoIP Access Platform enables the integration team to provide immediate access to specific resources, such as HR servers, for users in the two entities.
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    Hybrid Kubernetes Deployments
    Financial services companies are among the earliest adopters of new technologies, such as containers. Today’s Kubernetes solutions work well for single-site installations, but any sort of hybrid deployment has a network build project as a prerequisite. Because many popular container use cases are for internet-facing services, significant attention must be paid to network design to prevent attacks originating in the Kubernetes cluster from reaching corporate infrastructure. Furthermore, a lengthy network build project is practically the antithesis of the container movement.

    CoIP Access Platform addresses containers by enabling instant deployment of hybrid Kubernetes clusters. Policy controls restrict traffic to allow Kubernetes control and data plane traffic, containing potential threats and minimizing risks typically associated with hybrid deployments.
    Resolving IP Overlaps
    Financial services companies often discover they have a proliferation of cloud projects using the cloud service provider’s default IP address space—as though they were developed in a vacuum. Connecting these projects back to the on-premises environment may require an unpopular exercise in re-IPing hundreds of VMs to avoid conflicts. CoIP Access Platform overlay proxy networks create connectivity without coupling the IP addresses of each environment, eliminating the need to change IP addresses.

    Transformation Is Hard. CoIP Access Platform Makes It Easier.

    Don’t let infrastructure and operational issues slow your digital transformation project.

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    Rapid Deployment. By Application Owners, for Applications.

    Traditional networking solutions, such as VPNs, VLANs, firewalls, and WAN routing, all fall under the ownership of different teams in the IT organization. Unfortunately, hybrid projects touch all of those teams, requiring significant coordination.

    CoIP Access Platform deploys as software, connecting VMs and bare metal machines in the corporate data center to cloud servers using overlay proxy networks. CoIP Platform can be deployed and managed as another application in the data center, minimizing the number of tickets that need to be sent to these teams.

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    Own Your Shared Responsibility in the Cloud

    Infosecurity teams have to contend with a wide range of similar, yet different security features provided by the cloud service providers. Translating information security requirements into guidance for application teams is a daunting task, and relying solely on CSP tools requires significant trust in CSP operations. CoIP Access Platform enables infosecurity to recommend centralized and consistent policy templates to help application teams meet compliance in any new environment.


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