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Fact: firewalls and threat detection can't keep hackers out of corporate networks.

It's not for lack of trying. It just reflects the reality that despite decades of investment and effort, companies still get attacked on a regular basis.

There is a better way.

Companies don't get in trouble for getting attacked. But they do get in trouble when that attack impacts operations or leaks PII. Often, major damages could be avoided by protecting a small number of critical assets.

Zentera NIST SP 800-207

NIST released Special Publication 800-207 to help IT and security professionals understand a new paradigm: Zero Trust. In it, they described several models of asset-centric protection that companies can use to protect critical assets and data of all kinds.


In our solution guide, we've outlined how you can leverage CoIP® Platform to quickly and easily implement a Zero Trust Architecture.



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Sreeni Kancharla, VP and CISO, Cadence Design Systems