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Let’s face it: In today’s dynamic threat environment, firewalls and threat detection tools aren’t enough to keep hackers out of corporate networks.

So instead of asking “What if?” you should ask “What next?”

The answer? Zero Trust.

Companies don't get in trouble for getting attacked. Instead, they get in trouble when that attack impacts operations or leaks critical business or customer data. In other words, even if attackers get in, protecting your critical assets until remediation could prevent major damage to your operations, reputation, and finances. That’s Zero Trust.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take the next steps toward implementation alone.

Our comprehensive guide outlines how your organization can use Zentera’s CoIP® Platform to quickly and easily implement a Zero Trust Architecture. Our guide takes the key elements of NIST Special Publication 800-207 (NIST SP 800-207) and provides a roadmap your organization can use to protect critical data and assets.

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"Strong protection... easy to use and administer."

Sreeni Kancharla, VP and CISO, Cadence Design Systems